Drone Surveying Services

Drones were officially termed by the Department of Defense in 2005 as Unmanned Aircraft Systems or UAS. Drones are being used for an increasing number of applications world-wide. Specifically drone aerial photography and mapping can be used in the surveying field to gather data for engineers for designing facilities and infrastructure, conducting inspections, planning improvements and documenting construction. Drone mapping can be used by real estate developers to show sequential improvements in subdivision or home construction. Topographical contour maps can be created from the drone data for use in hydrology and site design.

Drone Operation Program

Sempco offers drone aerial surveying and mapping usage as part of its Drone Operation Program. We have 6 fully licensed and FAA certified remote pilots who are trained in all aspects of the use of this emerging technology. Additional training has been provided to ensure that all personnel are aware of the privacy concerns, safety issues, and other factors which pertain to safe flight. In addition to the above, Sempco has a written Drone Operations Manual which includes logs for each project listing safety issues, flight parameters, maintenance logs, personnel training, weather conditions, notification logs and other pertinent details. We carry a $1,000,000 liability aviation umbrella insurance policy through our carrier, and can add additional persons or groups as “Also-Insured”.

All items listed are accomplished with Sempco Surveying, Inc. staff personnel excepting the laser scan aerial photography and right-of-way acquisitions. These services are provided through contractual arrangements with highly respected local and national organizations.

All such outside services are supervised and coordinated by Sempco Surveying, Inc. personnel. We offer consultation for proposed pipeline acquisitions in reference to status of maps and easement records.

Projects include several thousand miles of pipelines and electrical transmission lines, gas gathering systems, silt range surveys, boundary, topographic and control surveys for numerous substation sites, electric generating plants, power plant lake properties, compressor sites and lignite mining areas.

Sempco presently operates a DJI Matrice 600 Prorotor-copter drone, with an attached Zenmuse16 mpcamera. The drone operates with six batteries, six pods with twelve blades, about 6 foot span from tip to tip.

The flight software allows for automatic flight pattern and flight control, with a carefully mapped out perimeter for the flight. Sempco does not cross over to adjacent property lines without permission, and do not post process any photography captured offsite. The entire system is safe, controlled by well-trained personnel, and is strictly line-of-sight. By law we cannot fly over 400 feet high without waivers and follow all FAA, state and local regulations and restrictions.

Drone deliverables include panorama orthorectified photos, point clouds, topographical maps, and a variety of engineering  exhibits and drawings.

Drone photo with Datumate software illustrating point identification.
Drone Photo Contour
Pix4D Capture
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