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About Sempco Surveying

Sempco Surveying, Inc. provides GPS services, boundary and topographic surveying, mapping, planning, consulting services and complete CAD support including map conversions, digitizing, specialized color plots and as-built mapping to oil/gas exploration and operating companies, owners and builders of pipelines, property owners, land developers, electric utility companies, architects, engineers and designers.

The principal officers and registered members of the management group represent a total of more than 125 years combined experience in professional surveying, mapping, land planning and right-of-way acquisition. They hold professional land surveying registrations in Texas and California.

Administrative and design work, computing, CAD mapping and planning are done at our headquarter location. Located in Fort worth , Texas, field offices are established when necessary to satisfy the requirements of special projects.

What is Surveying?

Surveying is the act of taking the measurement or location of sites, points, lines, angles, elevations, natural features, and existing man-made works on the earth’s surface.

What Surveyors Do

• Locate improvements in relation to property boundaries
• Platting and laying out land and subdivisions of land
• Preparing and perpetuating maps, record plats, field note records, easements, and real property descriptions that represent those surveys
• Acquiring survey data, preparing technical reports and mapping.


Sempco runs multiple crews statewide with eight fully equipped field vehicles. Depending upon the job, equipment could include a drone, Lidar scanner, high resolution camera as well as standard GPS units, total stations and an experienced and well trained crew.

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